bernard charnley

Portrait in Studio Space

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Last update 7.10.2018

Bernard Charnley works primarily in paint with an emphasis on colour and materiality. The imagery engages with ideas of impermanence and change as a metaphoric space. email:


- Colour Radicals/Rugby Art Gallery and Museum/Sept - Oct 2018
- Signs Of Disorder/Rugby Art Gallery and Museum/Feb 2014
- The Instability of Spaces/AirSpace Dialogue Box/Stoke-on-Trent/August 2009
- A Different Kind of Beauty/Harrington Studios/ Nottingham - April 2009

Group Exhibitions/Events/Networks:

-John Moores Painting Prize/ selected for exhibition July 2016
-Volunteer participant/refurbish pre-Glassbox/Coventry/Jan 2013
-ARC Pioneer volunteer and event participant/The Square and Herbert Art Gallery/Coventry 2013
-Flash mob/Christmas Pop-up event/Coventry Station/The Square, Coventry/2012
-ARC (ACE funded) print commission/Coventry Artspace/2012
-The Serious And The Absurd - working towards comic criticality/Talk on practice/Coventry 2012
-Earlsdon Festival Show/ Coventry/2012
-Airvent/AirSpace Gallery/Stoke-on-Trent/2011
-Slideshow/AirSpace Gallery/Stoke-on-Trent/2011
-Kiss Me Quick/Harbour Arm Gallery/Margate/2011
-Motel Knadski/Trajector Art Fair/Contributing Artist/Brussels/2011
-There Is Beauty In The City/ Ezcurdia_30 Gallery/Gijon, Spain/August 2010
-Common Ground/AirSpace public art exhibition/Hanley Park Stoke-on-Trent/June 2010
-Learning Journeys/Urban Vision/Phase One/Sheffield/Feb 2010
-Learning Journeys/Urban Vision/Phase One/Leicester/2009
-Pecha Kucha Night/FatCat Cafe and Bar/Co-organiser/Performer/Stoke-on-Trent 2009
-Inter?ogation/Walsall New Art Gallery/Sept 2009 Collaborative with artist Brian Holdcroft
-Marina Abramovich/participant /Whitworth Gallery/Manchester/2009
-Aftermath/AirSpace studio artists/Leek Institute, Leek/2009
-Preston Pest Project/Castlefield Gallery 2008-Allotments/Harrington Studios, Nottingham 2009
-Salon /D2 Gallery/Leipzig, Germany 2008
-Play/AirSpace, Stoke-on-Trent
-Short Cuts/AirSpace Gallery 2008
-Identity/The Artists Organisation/ Nottingham 2007
-Headtalk/forum/co-creator/Stoke-on-Trent 2007-8