bernard charnley


- 'studio 1 and 2' refers to painting in progress in the studio setting with the
changing images acting as reference points for myself as well as being
available for visitors to this site

- they are part of a series that have a family resemblence in their subject

- this affinity is with constructing visual metaphors that consider moments of
change, transition or radical disturbance

- the method engages the unique quality of oil paint to accept many and varied
layers of application at changing speeds and density over different periods of

- each work in the constructed cycle can return several times to its positioning
before reaching some form of resolution

- it is a process that embodies time, visual exchange and maturation of the
images and their ideas


Menu items 'studio 1' and 'studio 2' include a couple of letter symbols to show
image resolution:

- Provisionally resolved: r

- Presently unresolved: u