Working method: Sequential series

A series is made up of a chosen number of made up stretched canvases
of two or three sizes between very small scale to a maximum of six feet
by four feet. Number and size is determined by studio space available
and the layering properties of oil paint. Each series is broadly


- 'Series 1' and any further series refers to painting in progress in the studio
setting, with the changing images acting as reference points for myself as well
as being available for visitors to this site.

- They are part of a series that have a family resemblence in their subject.

- This affinity is with constructing visual metaphors that consider moments of
change, transition or radical disturbance.

- The method of working for each series is a cyclical one. A resolved image
usually takes several painting sessions. Each following session takes place
on the image's return in the cycle.

- It is a process that embodies time, visual exchange between the images, and
a kind of collective maturation of the series.


- Menu items 'series 1' and further series include one of two letter symbols
alongside each image to show state of completion. Images and resolved states
are updated periodically. The latest update is shown on the 'info' page.

- Provisionally resolved: r

- Presently unresolved: u

bernard charnley