bernard charnley


- An ongoing interest is in imageries of change. This has led to recent work marking a shift in the handling of paint and content. The current series shown on this site attempts to draw upon the full capacity of oil paint as a technical and metaphoric medium.

- The act of painting as an intuitive, sensory and tactile intelligence underlies the output.- The reflective content is drawn from a political sensibility. The levers are metaphor and the spectacle through an imaginary of radical disturbance.

- Each painting reiterates a collapse of the normal with unexpected results. The image can be likened to a theatrical event. The production is set outside with evocations of land or seascape. Architectural props are the actors caught in a moment of chaos. Yet that same instant yields a surprising contrast. Colour emerges from, ignites or lights this virtual stage.

- These visual metaphors touch on ideas of dystopia, while paradoxically releasing a narrative of colour and light as an emancipatory energy.